Wednesday, 27 July 2011

KDE 4.7

Well today is Wednesday 27th July 2011 last time I checked..

According to the KDE Release Schedule today is KDE 4.7 day!!

So Happy KDE 4.7 day to you, I just wonder how many different servers in the world are busily compiling and building software for their respective distributions, I know its currently being built for openSUSE as we speak and should be available in the repositories sometime in the next 6 hours lets just see when the official release announcement comes.

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

openSUSE The Best Desktop Environment

Are you looking to start your own business? You can purchase a computer that most likely has Windows on it, but did you know that most of the software pre installed has a time limit on it?

If you see "Starter Edition" it means that most likely after 60 days you have to pay to upgrade to the full version of the software by purchasing a key card from either the supermarket or pc store.

Lets add onto this all the new hardware your going to purchase, Printer, Broadband Router, Scanner etc, each of these programs installs their own software as well as the required drivers which you really don't need!!

Lets take an example here:

O2 Broadband sends you a router - the router by its nature has a web page that you configure all the settings on at o2wirelessbox.lan but step 1 of the unnecessary installation CD states "Insert the CD and install O2Broadband Software" so lets take a look at this.

What does it install? well it installs some daft utility that makes your pc do the work that the router does anyway - what is the point of that? Second it installs a ton of bookmarks that just clutter up your browser and again totally not required.

May advice? use the CD as a new coaster for your cup of tea its pointless!!

Look let me tell you a little secret..

openSUSE is a desktop operating system with graphical environment much like Windows is to Dos (yes believe it or not Dos does still exist underneath all that bloat of Windows).

What's more it comes with a large selection of Pre Installed Applications that are not restricted in terms of days before you need to pay again.

All the applications are fully functional and most have a choice of which one you can use.

3 different office productivity suites (LibreOffice, KOffice2, Gnome Office (AbiWord, gNumeric))
5 different web browsers (Chromium, Opera, Epiphany, Firefox, Konqueror)
Accounting and Finance, Graphic Design, Email, Chat, Instant Messeging

If your running a business paying just 60 quid for openSUSE versus £1000's for Licences for  Windows products makes much more sense.

Plus he is the big + if your a small business openSUSE has no licence restrictions and as your business grows you can use the same installation cd on each machine without needing to purchase additional ones!

So to sum up, openSUSE removes bloat ware because Manufacturers don't write it for openSUSE, use the web based configuration utilities its what its their for.

openSUSE removes time limitations on that new computer you just bought.

As your business expands your software budget stays exactly the same.


Sunday, 10 April 2011

Gnome 3 Launch Party MadLab Manchester April 10th 2011

 The MadLab - Manchester Digital Library

Feedback from MadLab Gnome3 Launch, a talk was given by a Gnome Developer on the latest and greatest features of gnome3, however it was also mentioned that it only works on Intel 3D graphics cards at the moment, due to the closed source nature of the NVidia drivers as well as the ATI events these cards are not supported.

 The room is basic - desks chairs and wireless broadband.

The launch was attended by a total of 25 people including the speaker and the room was full.

On a more general note the attendees were general linux and FreeBSD Users one user was from ArchLinux, 2 users were from Ubuntu (although one - the presenter was disgruntled that as of ubuntu 11.04 Unity is default, gnome 2.x as backup for users not happy with unity and from ubuntu 11.10 gnome fallback will be dropped completely.  Other users represented Debian, Linux Format Magazine and Manchester Linux User Group.

I gave out old 11.3 Promo DVD's and I had and introduced the concept of the Retail Boxes.  Comment was made that Fedora and openSUSE only exist to serve Redhat and SLED - open source distributions which exist to serve as beta software for their enterprise cousins.

I argued that openSUSE was more than just a launch platform for enterprise systems, and whilst I cannot argue for Fedora I would doubt they would accept that claim also. I stated that through the retail boxes my aim was to get openSUSE available in high street computer shops as well as online.

Discussion was made that Microsoft pressurize retailers to include Windows on their computers, that a real opportunity was last after the release of Windows Vista to target disgruntled windows users through NetBooks.

Comments were also made that HP have announced they will be shipping WebOS PC's where all documents are stored online and all applications are launched online so no operating system will be required. Is the age of the OS (Windows or Linux) dead regardless so there is little or no point in launching any kind of legal claim against Microsoft for shipping oem windows.

Many users were dissatisfied with both Gnome 3 and Unity I suggested that instead of promoting Ubuntu for those new to Linux they should now seriously consider promoting openSUSE instead.  Those interested took Live DVD's and promised to take a look.

It was argued also that Novell and RedHat provide more developers into Gnome than Canonical have ever done.  Ubuntu may have brought a lot of positives into Gnome in terms of desktop users but this is likely to change as Ubuntu switches to Unity.

Further from a developers point of view Canonical's submission agreement is quite vague in its wording, and if followed to the letter could result in Canonical using code in corporate versions, without the permission of the developer and all rights being transferred to Canonical's ownership by default. 

Saturday, 2 April 2011

26 Sales, Gnome 3, Lets Party!!

Dear All

Well what can I say? 4 sales in on calendar week, and 2 sales to kick start April and this ain't no fool!!

Friday was an amazing day for Bolton Linux, 2 sales back to back took our sales to 4 for the week for the first time, all be it 2 on Wednesday and Two on Friday, it shows there is a market, and that it is growing.

To celebrate the launch of Gnome 3.0 (three point zero) Free Software UK are throwing a party in Manchester Next Sunday 10th April from 2pm till 5pm Bolton Linux will be giving a presentation on Gnome, Novel and openSUSE.

We would welcome everybody to join us.

This does mean that however, we will not be attending Sheffield market this month. Instead we will arrange for PC Centre North West to carry some stock on our behalf.

But I am sure you will all agree a party is better than hard slog at a market :)

Wednesday, 30 March 2011


Well Amazon has just blown ebay out of the water today I sold 2 boxes of 11.4, takes my tally to 24 now.. (10 copies of 11.4 and 14 of 11.3).

Amazon has now sold two copies although i can't figure why the price changes each time!

Friday, 25 February 2011


I cocked up..

I forgot to monitor my ebay Auction - and well lets just say congratulations to Andrew Hussak from Summerseat, Bury, Lancashire who picked up a copy of openSUSE Retail for just £0.99p!!!

That will teach me to set a reserve price on the auction however with only a week until 11.4 perhaps I can recommend him to upgrade to a more up to date version very soon.

Next time I will figure a reserve price auction!!

He better leave me a review on Ebay and Qype!!

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