Saturday, 2 April 2011

26 Sales, Gnome 3, Lets Party!!

Dear All

Well what can I say? 4 sales in on calendar week, and 2 sales to kick start April and this ain't no fool!!

Friday was an amazing day for Bolton Linux, 2 sales back to back took our sales to 4 for the week for the first time, all be it 2 on Wednesday and Two on Friday, it shows there is a market, and that it is growing.

To celebrate the launch of Gnome 3.0 (three point zero) Free Software UK are throwing a party in Manchester Next Sunday 10th April from 2pm till 5pm Bolton Linux will be giving a presentation on Gnome, Novel and openSUSE.

We would welcome everybody to join us.

This does mean that however, we will not be attending Sheffield market this month. Instead we will arrange for PC Centre North West to carry some stock on our behalf.

But I am sure you will all agree a party is better than hard slog at a market :)

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